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Only the great architect Antoni Gaudí would think to decorate the chimneys of his Casa Milà in Barcelona with broken ceramic and champagne bottles. The rooftop is a marvel, and we caught it on a crisp autumn day last year. Do see it if you can. I am linking this post up to WordPress’s Weekly […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

Calpe’s fish auction takes place daily from Monday to Friday and is managed by The town’s Cofradia de Pescadores (Fishermen’s Co-operative). J and I stayed in Calpe, Spain in 2013 and spent an evening at the auction, alongside local fishermen and restaurateurs. It was fascinating. I have written more about our stay in Calpe here […]

The day I lost him, or ¿dónde está el policía, por favor?

I know now, for a fact, that losing your child abroad is the worst feeling in the world. Most parents I’ve met will admit to having accidentally become separated from their offspring for a minute or two at some point in their lives. One friend lost sight of hers and the next thing she knew […]

Cycling in Moraira

Calpe, Spain: an adventure in super shiny cycle shorts

I don’t own a bike, and to be honest just the thought of cycling in London gives me the heebie jeebies. But J and I often hire bicycles for a few hours when we’re on holiday. Some of our best times together have been spent ‘bagging’ chateaux by bike from our campsite in the Loire […]