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The #Flying100 Family Holiday Challenge

My son J was nearly seven when I met him, and the last thing on my mind that first blissful summer was flying off into the sun. Just the opposite in fact. He’d had a very difficult start to life and had spent four years in foster care. So we stayed put so that J […]

Where danger lurks

With adventure comes risk, but these photographs were taken not in a war zone or in a scientific compound, but on the street where children are free to walk. What kind of world have we created for ourselves? I am linking this post up to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge on the theme of Adventure.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

I flew from London to San Diego in California recently, and stopped off in Dallas airport en route. It came as quite a surprise to me as a Londoner to find rocking chairs in the departure lounge. The contrast between this very traditional form of seating, which in the UK we associate with old people […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Pictured here is Space Shuttle Enterprise, the world’s first space shuttle. It had performed manned and unmanned test flights in the atmosphere, though never in the end went into space. On 6th June 2012, I saw Enterprise as far as you could imagine from its natural habitat. Thirty six years after its first unveiling, Enterprise […]

New York NY: Splashing around on the Hudson

The Downtown Boathouse at Pier 40 on the Hudson River was the unpromising location for an early evening out in New York. Friends had whispered that this section of the decaying waterfront was home to one of New York’s best kept secrets. All summer long, and weather permitting, volunteers organise free kayaking for New Yorkers […]