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The #Flying100 Family Holiday Challenge

My son J was nearly seven when I met him, and the last thing on my mind that first blissful summer was flying off into the sun. Just the opposite in fact. He’d had a very difficult start to life and had spent four years in foster care. So we stayed put so that J […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

One day last summer we took a boat from Kaş on the Turkish coast out to the Greek island of Kastellorizo (or Meis, its Turkish name), a few kilometres away. My father and son and I whiled away a few hours by the picturesque harbour, eating and drinking, and observing the quiet comings and goings […]

Turkish delight

A middle aged man carefully smears a woman with mud while a friend looks on. All are dressed for the beach, and yes, it’s hot, in these mountains far inland in rural Turkey. Towering behind them, rather incongruously, is a near vertical wall of what might be snow. Perched on top are palm trees and […]