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The #Flying100 Family Holiday Challenge

My son J was nearly seven when I met him, and the last thing on my mind that first blissful summer was flying off into the sun. Just the opposite in fact. He’d had a very difficult start to life and had spent four years in foster care. So we stayed put so that J […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

There’s no such thing as sunbathing for Essaouira’s locals. Rather, families and friends gather at the weekend in their dozens to talk and make music beside the sea, fully clothed, and with not a glimpse of a fair breast or thigh to be seen. Boys play an immense sprawling game of football along the shore. […]

Essaouira, Morocco: Snail soup at sundown

Every evening, at sundown, the snail soup seller set up his stall on the main square. We watched him from the roof of the only bar in town which would sell me a beer. It was Ramadan and the street hawkers were doing good business in this ancient fortified town on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. The […]