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Four million

Yesterday, four million Britons voted for the most racist and xenophobic party to have emerged in the UK for decades. I am guessing not many of them will be giving much thought to the citizens of other European countries who today are also celebrating the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War […]

The #Flying100 Family Holiday Challenge

My son J was nearly seven when I met him, and the last thing on my mind that first blissful summer was flying off into the sun. Just the opposite in fact. He’d had a very difficult start to life and had spent four years in foster care. So we stayed put so that J […]

The naked apes

I have to be a bit careful what I say here as my father may be reading. I wouldn’t want to embarrass him now, although he had no such scruples when my sister and I were teenagers. Our parents were naturists, and if you have never watched your parents cavort naked on a French beach […]

Marseille, France: an unexpected encounter with my ancestors

It was a most unlikely excursion and looking back on that curious afternoon, I really don’t know what possessed me. We had been in Marseille for four days already, and were enjoying the warm sunshine of the early Spring. The city wasn’t an obvious choice for city dwellers who like to escape to the country, […]

Christmas past, Christmas future

Most Christmases, throughout the sixties and seventies, we would set off for Paris from our small Sussex village in a green Austin 1100, which in due course was deposed by an ugly blue Austin Maxi. Unfettered by seat belts, my sister and I fought in the back of the car. The Newhaven to Dieppe sailing, […]