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But wouldn’t you rather have a baby?

“But wouldn’t you rather have a baby?”. I took a deep breath. I was on the phone to one of three local primary schools, explaining that I was in the process of being approved to adopt, and asking if I could come in and visit so that I was well prepared when the time came […]

How a happy foodie stole my heart

Before I ever met J, in fact long before I knew for sure that I would be his mother, I had watched him eat. An epic 40 minute video introduced me to my future son. It followed him while he chatted with a family friend, did his homework, and blew bubbles in his foster carers’ […]

Neglected, abandoned or hurt….

A full colour picture of my adopted son, then aged 5, featured under this headline on the front page of the Sun newspaper during the UK’s National Adoption week in November 2004. Inside, his sad face filled the centre spread, where Sharon Hendry, the paper’s Woman Editor, described him as a “lively chatty boy, full […]

First train journey together, first visit to grandparents, aged six and three quarters

I like to think that my mother welcomed the idea of my adopted son entering her life with the same unquestioning love and approval that she did her three birth granddaughters. I know though that as the day of his arrival approached, the anxiety of the unknown scratched away at her in the dark hours […]