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Ten years ago today

Ten years ago I met my son for the first time. Those first days are coloured forever by memories of 7/7 …


A train, a plane and another milestone

I wrote my first post for Travels with my Son exactly a year ago. I meant my blog to be a place to record my memories of J’s early days with me, and of our travels together. Of course I meant ‘travels’ in the sense of both our journeys to places with suitcases, and our […]

The naked apes

I have to be a bit careful what I say here as my father may be reading. I wouldn’t want to embarrass him now, although he had no such scruples when my sister and I were teenagers. Our parents were naturists, and if you have never watched your parents cavort naked on a French beach […]

Rugby 24, Football 1

To be fair, J’s foster carers had done their best. They loved their football, and he came to me, aged six and three quarters, bearing an England duvet cover and several well worn branded football shirts and pairs of trainers. During the fortnight we spent getting to know each other before J moved in, they’d […]

Nine years ago today

It was nine years ago today, on 6th July 2005, that I met my son for the first time. Confidential. Introductions. The new family will first meet the child/ren on 6th July 2005. The programme of introductions is laid out below. Planned date of placement: 23rd July 2005. Date and time: 6.7.05 1 pm Location: […]

Dog days and cute kitties

Dougal is a soft white washable dog with big brown come hither eyes, and he was my first gift to J. I’d had him lounging on J’s new bed, the absolute star of the first picture J saw of his new bedroom, or so I thought. It turned out in fact that J was initially […]

When I grow up….

Shortly before we met for the first time, and with the help of his social worker, six year old J prepared a book about himself for me. It had six chapters: 1. wot I like 2. hand span 3. my famil 4. wer I go 5. foot 6. tooll It included drawings of his foster […]

Nothing at the end of it to call home

When I was 9 or 10, I made a new friend at school called Judith. I don’t remember at all when she told me that she lived in a children’s home, but I do know that when I asked her why, she simply said that it was because her mother couldn’t look after her. I […]

A map and a hammer, and a brave new world

After quick hugs with his foster carers (“no long goodbyes please”, they’d said), I strapped J into the back of the car and handed him the map. During the preceding two weeks, I had been going backwards and forwards from home to theirs while J and I got to know each other, and as we […]

We went to Bramleyss to plaay with my caisins

Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 22:23:36 Hi M Just catching up on emails. All well here… J moved in on Saturday and it feels as if he has been here for years. He gets up at 5 am (uugh), so I must say this end of the day feels like the middle of the night. […]