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How bad does post adoption support have to be before we challenge it?

Contact with the birth family…. Not an easy subject, but not exactly controversial in the UK at least, and Local Authorities routinely employ people specifically to handle arrangements for such contact. So how long should we reasonably expect to have to wait for the Local Authority to respond to a request to make contact with […]

A picture which paints a thousand words

I read my son’s medical file for the first time this week. It was seeing, in an X-ray, the evidence of a fractured finger and not knowing how it had come about, that persuaded me that this was another avenue I had to explore in pursuit of the facts about J’s early years. I have […]

Contacting the birth family

One thing I have to get to grips with this year is contact with J’s birth family. This is much easier said than done, mostly because it’s a complex family like many adopted children’s. J has three siblings, and no provision for contact with them was made by the Courts either when he was placed […]

Happy Birthday Doctor Who

I like that Doctor Who traverses the generations; and that each of us, however old we are, has our own Doctor and our own stories. This evening I went to the cinema with my adopted son J and his cousin E and we watched the Day of the Doctor in 3D, which is the Doctor’s […]

Neglected, abandoned or hurt….

A full colour picture of my adopted son, then aged 5, featured under this headline on the front page of the Sun newspaper during the UK’s National Adoption week in November 2004. Inside, his sad face filled the centre spread, where Sharon Hendry, the paper’s Woman Editor, described him as a “lively chatty boy, full […]