Only the great architect Antoni Gaudí would think to decorate the chimneys of his Casa Milà in Barcelona with broken ceramic and champagne bottles. The rooftop is a marvel, and we caught it on a crisp autumn day last year. Do see it if you can.

I am linking this post up to WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge on the theme of Broken.



  1. I find myself wondering if history will prove us right or wrong in admiring Gaudi’s work!! Lovely captures, perfect for the challenge.

    1. Ooh I love Gaudi’s work, I do hope it stands the test of time. Such crafted madness! I visited the Sagrada Família for the first time in the autumn too, and the only way I can describe it is as other-worldly. Extraordinary.

  2. I too found Gaudi’s work just mesmerizing! Spent over 4 hours just trying to take it all in at the Sagrada Familia. Beautiful photos and great idea for the challenge!

    1. Yes! It’s almost as if you have to learn a new visual language to take it all in, it’s so different from anything you’ve seen before and so special. Hope to go back there one day…

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