A seventeenth century convergence

Ham House parterre

The diamond-pattern box parterre at Ham House in London is filled with Dutch Lavender. This forms part of extensive and beautiful seventeenth century gardens just a short walk from the River Thames, and barely changed in 300 years. It’s a lovely place to picnic.

I am linking this post up to WordPress’s photo challenge on the theme of Converge and you can find many original interpretations of this theme here.



    1. Definitely not your everyday London view 🙂

  1. Gosh, I’ve lived in London all my life – must find the time to visit this place!

    1. Isn’t that just the joy of London – that there’s always something new to see and be excited about! Bit cold for a picnic though…

  2. the geometry of the garden reminds me of some of the French gardens like Vaux le Vicomte.

    1. You prompted me to do a bit of research! The garden was restored to a plan from the 1670s and Vaux le Vicomte was built in the late 1650s so they are very much of the same era. Parterres had been around for many years, but that symmetrical styling of them was developed around that time … And Versailles’s gardens which were laid out in the 1660s made them very popular. So… The Ham House gardens are very French in feel, you are right, and must have been supremely fashionable at the time. And they are still beautiful!

  3. The garden is just beautiful and a great interpretation of the challenge. I’ve visited England but never heard of this place. Will check it out when I go back in another two years or so.

    Here’s the link to my take on the challenge (as the pingbacks are still not working). Enjoy! https://galeweithers.wordpress.com/2014/12/12/roll-call-all-caterpillars-converge/

    1. It’s not so far from central London, and a completely different view of the city, if that is what you want. There are so many diverse views though, and that is what is wonderland about London. So many wonderful places that you and so many others won’t have heard of !

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