Silent Sunday, 16 November 2014


Silent Sunday



  1. Well I’ve heard of a bag lady, but that’s a new one!

    1. Yes, your first bag baby! She’s in an exhibition of work by adopters and adoptees, and she represents all the children who take their belongings from temporary foster home to temporary foster home 😦

  2. I can’t work out if this is a real person dressed in bags or just cleverly placed bags!! Haha

    1. There is a little person in there, you’re right, but she’s not real…

  3. Karen Hobbs says: A child’s journey through the care system can mean many moves, and often their young lives, are loaded into the check bags used by costume departments, laundries and refugees. These become a metaphor for the accumulated baggage of their history. With every move, the capacity to trust in adults reduces. Here I have created the notion that the child literally becomes part of the baggage, weighed down by the burden of their past.

    Her belt is an exaggerated length that extends way into the distance to indicate the future years of uncertainty.

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