Weekly photo challenge: Texture

My son J and I are walking the length of the South Downs Way together, a distance of 100 miles or 161 kilometres, between Eastbourne and Winchester in the South of England. This journey travels the spine of the chalky Downs, sometimes following coastal paths, but mostly straying far inland. This post, on the theme of Texture for WordPress’ weekly photo challenge, documents some of the sights we saw on the stretch between Exceat and Eastbourne, the most easterly section of the walk. The views of the Seven Sisters are stunning and amongst the best known of Britain’s chalkland scenery, where the smooth white of the chalk is thrown into relief by the choppy blue of the sea and the rough green tussocked turf. We tried to walk this section of the walk twice. The first time, the strongest winds of the year brought us to our knees and we had to abandon the walk long before we reached Beachy Head, the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, and sadly the setting for many suicides.



  1. Beautiful. The South Downs Way is on my list of places I want to hike. Makes me miss England. Thanks for sharing

    1. It is beautiful, you’re right. When we stay with my father, we can step out of his front door, cross the road and be on the Downs… so lucky. But actually walking the South Downs Way is something else… The scenery really changes and is always interesting. Hope you too get to walk it one day 🙂

  2. Had many a walk here and really love the place. We are so lucky to have the South Downs on our doorstep in Brighton & Hove. Always makes such a change from walking along the seafront, although I do enjoy both very much.

  3. Yes, I agree, its great to walk right alongside the sea too, and I always try to get to Brighton when I’m staying at my father’s. But these views down over the sea and over Cuckmere Haven will always be some of my favourites.

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