Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Riding camels, Essaouira, Morocco

There’s no such thing as sunbathing for Essaouira’s locals. Rather, families and friends gather at the weekend in their dozens to talk and make music beside the sea, fully clothed, and with not a glimpse of a fair breast or thigh to be seen. Boys play an immense sprawling game of football along the shore.

One of the many highlights of our stay in Essaouira was a ride along its vast open beaches on camels.

J’s camel is feeling a little tired, you say?

Essaouira's beach, Morocco

I have linked this post to the Weekly Photo Challenge on the theme of Extra, Extra ….. And right here I’ve written more about our brilliant holiday in Morocco when my son J was 12.



  1. Oh dear it looks as though his camel is about to dump him! Great shot of the action.

    1. Yes, while I posed happily for the camera, there was chaos behind me!

      1. It’s all about getting the photo 🙂

        1. And the camel man got this one 🙂

  2. The child seems to be hanging for his dear life!

    1. Well spotted! He wasn’t too happy either 🙂

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