Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

Woodcraft Folk toilet tent

The toilet tent is one of our more important pieces of kit. It is only ever put up for our longer Woodcraft Folk camps – so those which last a week or more. One of the adult campers has responsibility for emptying the chemical toilet, keeping it clean, stocking up the supplies of toilet paper, and ensuring there is hand cleaner available at all times. I’m glad not to have had that role; my thing on camp is the kitchen tent.

We have rules about who can use the toilet tent, and when. Basically, it’s a nighttime facility, for use by our 6 to 9 year olds, the Springbok Elfins. The older children, the Pioneers and Venturers, and the adults have to find the camp toilet or go in a hedge at night. Give me a hedge any time.

You can read more about my experience of camping with my adopted son and the Woodcraft Folk here and I have also linked this post to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge on the theme of Room.



  1. Oh Camp, what fun times and later work 😀 nice idea

    1. Glad there are still people out there who like the idea of camping. I love it 🙂

  2. locksands · · Reply

    We may be bus pass age but we still go camping although these days we tend to like having an electric supply to our tent.

  3. You and me both!
    I was thinking of posting a pic of our kitchen tent at our last camp for this Challenge but decided against it. I figured people might be shocked at seeing a full size fridge and plumbed kitchen sink (albeit with cold water) in our tent. Somehow it doesn’t quite feel like camping when we are so well provided for …. But organising the cooking for 60 or 70 is so much easier with a few mod cons I must say…

  4. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Room […]

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