When I grow up….

Shortly before we met for the first time, and with the help of his social worker, six year old J prepared a book about himself for me. It had six chapters:

1. wot I like
2. hand span
3. my famil
4. wer I go
5. foot
6. tooll

It included drawings of his foster carers’ caravan and a drive-in McDonald’s, an outline of his hand, and his vital statistics: he was already a healthy 1 metre 24 ‘tooll’ and weighed 25 kilogrammes.

When I grow up I want to be a vetLike many boys of his age, he dreamed of flying to the moon, ate pasta and apples, and liked to drink ‘gootz’. You can see a video made a few months earlier of him eating his beloved pasta here.

I still cannot decipher what he liked to play though …. Was it baddy, or daddy, or baby? A mixture of all three, I suspect.

As this post is linked up to the Adoption Social’s Weekly Adoption Shout Out #65 on the theme of When I Grow Up, you also need to know that this little boy wanted one day to be a vet.

Over the next couple of years, J was able to try out a number of different professions:

And what does he want to do now when he grows up? He has absolutely no idea…. But doesn’t he look handsome in his new clothes for his work experience interview?

Ready for his first work experience interview!

Ready for his first work experience interview!



  1. Very handsome! What a fine young man!

    1. I’m incredibly proud of him (as you can probably tell!). It took your post on WASO this weekend to make me realise that we foster / adoptive parents like to sing our children’s praises rather more than most…. you’re absolutely right 🙂

  2. Yes indeed! A handsome young man! Is hire him on looks and preious experience! Lovely blog. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, we’ll remember that! His cv is a bit unusual, shall we say….

  3. He looks so handsome. Hope he enjoys work experience,

    1. Thank you, I’ll tell him you said that 🙂 He’s doing 2 weeks at the end of Year 10, hopefully with a charity that supports adults with learning difficulties. I think he’ll love it!

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