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Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

Calpe’s fish auction takes place daily from Monday to Friday and is managed by The town’s Cofradia de Pescadores (Fishermen’s Co-operative). J and I stayed in Calpe, Spain in 2013 and spent an evening at the auction, alongside local fishermen and restaurateurs. It was fascinating. I have written more about our stay in Calpe here […]

Dead Foxes Society

We were spending a sunny weekend away when I received a surprise text from my neighbour, Sam: ‘There’s a dead fox poking out of your shed. Did you know?’. Just two days before, I had watched a vixen feeding her cub in broad daylight in our small garden. The next morning, she woke me at […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

My beautiful niece, Eliza. I have linked up to the WordPress Photo Challenge of the theme of Works of Art.

The day I lost him, or ¿dónde está el policía, por favor?

I know now, for a fact, that losing your child abroad is the worst feeling in the world. Most parents I’ve met will admit to having accidentally become separated from their offspring for a minute or two at some point in their lives. One friend lost sight of hers and the next thing she knew […]

Let your subconscious do the talking

When he first moved in, and for quite some time after, J talked to himself. In fact it sometimes felt as if he talked to everyone, indiscriminately, constantly, exhaustingly. He didn’t know when to stop. Even in his dreams, he muttered and shouted. It was anxiety of course. Luckily, that anxious chatter often made him […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is on the theme of Spring. Fenton House in Hampstead is a National Trust property and has a wonderful collection of ceramic pieces, and that’s where I spotted these sweet lambs. The newest newborn lamb next to it is the real thing though, and one I am proud to say […]

When I grow up….

Shortly before we met for the first time, and with the help of his social worker, six year old J prepared a book about himself for me. It had six chapters: 1. wot I like 2. hand span 3. my famil 4. wer I go 5. foot 6. tooll It included drawings of his foster […]