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Live Below The Line

My friends Amanda and Paul are this week doing something called Live Below the Line, along with their two sons. You might know about Live Below the Line already but I’d never heard of it until Amanda started writing about her own very personal and moving experience of poverty and hunger as a child… and […]

Nothing at the end of it to call home

When I was 9 or 10, I made a new friend at school called Judith. I don’t remember at all when she told me that she lived in a children’s home, but I do know that when I asked her why, she simply said that it was because her mother couldn’t look after her. I […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

Linking up to WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge on the theme of On Top.

A picture which paints a thousand words

I read my son’s medical file for the first time this week. It was seeing, in an X-ray, the evidence of a fractured finger and not knowing how it had come about, that persuaded me that this was another avenue I had to explore in pursuit of the facts about J’s early years. I have […]

Meet the Adoption Blogger * Special *

Regular visitors to the wonderful Adoption Social website will have seen that Travels with My Son features in their Meet The Blogger section this week. But in case you missed it, click on the image to link to their website.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

A challenge for all you non British readers: name this monumental artwork. There are clues to the location in my description of our long distance walk of the St Cuthbert’s Way. You need another clue? The same artist created a Field of 35,000 individual terracotta figures, each between 8 and 26 cm high in 1991. […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

I formally adopted my son J in January 2009 when he was 10. These photos were taken in court, when the legal processes were already complete, and we were invited in to mark the judgement. J had been living as my son for more than three years, but it was still an occasion full of […]

In the Name of Her Majesty

There didn’t seem to be any rush to get J his first passport. That was partly because I knew it was important to keep our lives simple during those early months with me, and avoid doing anything that might unsettle him, foreign travel included. I had also learned that it wasn’t entirely straightforward getting a […]