Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Venice, 11th November 2012.

Rain and wind, and woken by emergency sirens in the middle of the night. Venice had suffered its 6th highest acqua alta (‘high water’) since 1872, and 70% of the city’s streets were under water. My weekend away with friends, already special, became an altogether different kind of experience…

194 cm on November 4, 1966
166 cm on December 22, 1979
158 cm on February 1, 1986
156 cm on December 1, 2008
151 cm on November 12, 1951
149 cm on November 11, 2012

I linked this post up to WordPress’s weekly photo challenge on the theme of Street Life.



  1. i guess ur weekend away was a trip ,,, wow, i clicked like but wow, that sure would suck… me no like wet an cold. lol . but ya got to deal when ya do huh. veery kewl shotz 🙂 Q…….

    1. No, just a weekend, Venice is easy to get to from London. We’re used to the wet here…. But that was VERY wet 🙂

  2. I love Venice, always!

    1. Impossible to ever be bored in Venice. A wonderful city.

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