Weekly photo challenge: Reflections

[Reflections on Olympics 2012 and on Oscar Pistorius.]

In summer 2012, I was lucky enough to get tickets for a number of London Olympics and Paralympics events, as well as, amazingly, winning tickets to the Olympics Closing Ceremony in a national newspaper competition. It was an extraordinary few months.

I spent one glorious afternoon watching Paralympics athletes with my 83 year old father and my 13 year old son. We were seated right by the flagpoles where the uniformed services raised and lowered flags for the medal ceremonies. Spectators stood and turned towards the flags as the national anthems played. These pictures were taken from my seat into the glass where you can see the reflection of a small section of the immense crowd.

During the afternoon, the South African team received their gold medals for the 4 x 100 metres event. Oscar Pistorius was a member of the team of course, and by that time he was already established as one of the heroes of the Paralympics.

Time to reflect on how far even the great can fall.

This post links up to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge on the theme of Reflections.





  1. Wonderful take on the challenge!! You are so lucky to have won those tickets! It is very sad to see how far the great can fall….

    1. It was one of those summers you just wanted to go on and on and on… So it’s good to revisit it for a little while. Our tickets for the Closing Ceremony, if we had had to pay for them, would have cost over £600 each! Completely mad, and I would never have paid that myself, so how lucky were we!

      1. Oh wow! I had no idea they were so expensive!! You were lucky indeed! Thanks for sharing your fantastic photos!

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