Monthly Archives: March 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Venice, 11th November 2012. Rain and wind, and woken by emergency sirens in the middle of the night. Venice had suffered its 6th highest acqua alta (‘high water’) since 1872, and 70% of the city’s streets were under water. My weekend away with friends, already special, became an altogether different kind of experience… 194 cm […]

Weekly photo challenge: Reflections

[Reflections on Olympics 2012 and on Oscar Pistorius.] In summer 2012, I was lucky enough to get tickets for a number of London Olympics and Paralympics events, as well as, amazingly, winning tickets to the Olympics Closing Ceremony in a national newspaper competition. It was an extraordinary few months. I spent one glorious afternoon watching […]

How a happy foodie stole my heart

Before I ever met J, in fact long before I knew for sure that I would be his mother, I had watched him eat. An epic 40 minute video introduced me to my future son. It followed him while he chatted with a family friend, did his homework, and blew bubbles in his foster carers’ […]

Pasta stars and orange potato

Today J is at home with a bug. He has fever, diarrhoea, and a sore head, and has spent all morning sleeping. In the old days, he would have struggled out of bed no matter what, to snuggle up in his duvet in front of the Jungle Book. But times change, and for my teenage […]