Monthly Archives: February 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

I’m someone who likes to read a recipe book on the tube to work…. I cook a lot and enjoy mixing it up: curry one day, a Thai noodle dish the next, and always lots of vegetables. I aim to eat ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day. ┬áTo feed my addiction to recipe […]

A map and a hammer, and a brave new world

After quick hugs with his foster carers (“no long goodbyes please”, they’d said), I strapped J into the back of the car and handed him the map. During the preceding two weeks, I had been going backwards and forwards from home to theirs while J and I got to know each other, and as we […]

Splash Point by name, Splash Point by nature

Sunshine and rough seas this afternoon, and a brisk walk along the promenade with my father. He tells me that this winter’s storms have exposed the beach’s wooden groynes for the first time in 30 years. Not far along the coast at Birling Gap, where J and I had tea and cakes three weeks ago […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

I love this picture of J reaching forward to grasp a golden egg from the arms of Aphrodite…. Treasure indeed, and found in his grandparents’ green and gorgeous English garden. I am linking this up to WordPress’s weekly photo challenge as well as to my post about J’s first ever journey to meet his new […]

Sponsorship needed for project involving adults with learning difficulties

My son J is looking for sponsorship for his project involving adults with learning difficulties. J has been working with the charity PIP in London for the last few months on a project which culminates on the weekend of 22/23 February. PIP supports adults with learning difficulties, and they’re doing a weekend hike through Hertfordshire, […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

No one ever told me that Docetaxel or Taxotere (two names, one chemotherapy drug) can sometimes result in permanent alopecia. I took pictures of myself while I was having chemotherapy but, except for this single shot, I kept them to myself. My skin is flushed and puffy from the steroids, and at this stage I […]

Why a good read matters

I never expected my son J to be a reader. He had been in care from the age of two and a half until I adopted him four years later, and had only ever been read to occasionally before he came to live with me in 2005. He could read, just, but he did not […]

How an Oxford College sold my community library

The book is a powerful symbol of learning. This book was discarded on the pavement in the rain, when agents for All Souls College Oxford brutally dismantled my local pop up library in Kensal Rise in North West London in the early hours of Friday morning, 31st January 2014. Books were left piled at the […]