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A frown, a man voice, and a third person

I have occasionally shouted at my son J so loudly that my throat hurt afterwards. This is not something that I am proud of. J is a lovely even tempered, generally happy boy, who is affectionate towards me, and friendly and outgoing with others. He can also be very stubborn, and once he’d settled in […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Pictured here is Space Shuttle Enterprise, the world’s first space shuttle. It had performed manned and unmanned test flights in the atmosphere, though never in the end went into space. On 6th June 2012, I saw Enterprise as far as you could imagine from its natural habitat. Thirty six years after its first unveiling, Enterprise […]

We went to Bramleyss to plaay with my caisins

Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 22:23:36 Hi M Just catching up on emails. All well here… J moved in on Saturday and it feels as if he has been here for years. He gets up at 5 am (uugh), so I must say this end of the day feels like the middle of the night. […]

Turkish delight

A middle aged man carefully smears a woman with mud while a friend looks on. All are dressed for the beach, and yes, it’s hot, in these mountains far inland in rural Turkey. Towering behind them, rather incongruously, is a near vertical wall of what might be snow. Perched on top are palm trees and […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Glimpses of a goofy joke shared between cousins…. Today’s post is in response to WordPress’s weekly photo challenge on the theme of Family. By coincidence, it follows swiftly on the heels of my post earlier this week about contacting my adopted son’s birth family, which you can find here.

Contacting the birth family

One thing I have to get to grips with this year is contact with J’s birth family. This is much easier said than done, mostly because it’s a complex family like many adopted children’s. J has three siblings, and no provision for contact with them was made by the Courts either when he was placed […]

Our first camp

Our first camp together was in Spring 2006, a cool and damp long weekend in fields near Danbury in the Essex countryside. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that when I look back at photos of our Woodcraft Folk camps, they somehow all look the same. We’ve put up our Force 10s all over the […]

A stitch in time

I think one of the great challenges of being an adoptive parent is learning when and how to access appropriate professional help for our children and for ourselves. Our needs are often unpredictable and can change rapidly over time, sometimes reaching crisis point very quickly and threatening the stability of the family and its permanency. […]