Secret Santa: Buzzbee’s 25 reasons to love December

So….. This week I am introducing my very special (and first ever) Guest Blogger, brought to you by the wonderful Secret Santa initiative from The Adoption Social and their fabulous Weekly Adoption Shout Out …..

Honeymummy, believe it or not, has only recently recovered from organising an amazing Adoption party, and is now throwing heart and soul into Christmas preparations. Thank you for taking the time to write this post – I am needless to say more than impressed.


…. I introduce for your delectation…. Honeymummy from 3beesandahoney

Secret SantaFirstly let me introduce myself. My name is Honeymummy and I can usually be found writing posts for my own blog 3beesandahoney and linking up to ‘The Adoption Social’ Weekly Adoption Shout Out (#WASO) but this week as part of The Adoption Social’s ‘Secret Santa’ I have been asked to write a guest post for somebody else’s blog. “Easy” I thought, “I am Christmas mad, the boys are probably at their best this time of the year and well Bumble allows himself to be dragged through the season without a fuss. I will have no problem with this!”

Oh boy! Was I wrong! There are so many thoughts I could share, but I had drawn a blank. In a moment of desperation I decided to ask Buzzbee to give me 25 reasons why he loves Christmas and the days/weeks building up to it. To which I received the following:-

REALLY? You are having me on, right? What’s not to love? I can give you a million, billion, quadrillion reasons to love it!

And suddenly my ‘Secret Santa’ post took its wings as his suggestions flooded in:

1. I get to eat the chocolate from my Advent Calendar every morning for 25 days before breakfast.

2. I get to eat Beeswax’s chocolate too during the week when he is at school (big brothers are cool like that).

3. We get to go and choose our Christmas tree (oh, yes while I’m thinking about it – stop being so picky mummy! A tree is a tree. It is not too big, or too small. It is not too fat or too thin. IT IS A CHRISTMAS TREE!)

4. I get to decorate the tree with Beeswax and put the angel on the top (next year can it be a dinosaur instead?)

5. Everyone decorates their houses with beautiful lights and some house have so many Daddy says ‘their wallets are weeping’.

6. We go into town as a family and see the Christmas lights get switched on and eat lots of candy floss and bacon baps.

7. We get to go to Christmas markets and they ALWAYS have yummy freebies (I mean tasters). I like the German ones best.

8. I get to do ice skating outdoors lots and lots of times (I wish they did it all year)

9. I love all the new films that they make for Christmas and I even like some of your old ones too.

10. I can talk Beeswax into watching all the films that he says are babyish. My favourite is Arthur Christmas.

11. Getting Beeswax to help me make my Christmas list and write my letter to Santa.

12. In case it isn’t obvious yet mummy, I love it when my big brother wants to do things with me!

13. I love all the lovely smells – candles, real trees, gingerbread, muffins, chocolate and even your screen wash for the car.

14. I absolutely love trying to find all your hiding places for all the gifts that you are “holding for Santa”.

15. I like listening to all the funny Christmas songs but not so much when Daddy is trying to sing them – MAKE HIM STOP!

16. I love that you make lots and lots of chocolate truffles for your friends and that you let me help you as long as I
promise not to eat the mix or lick my fingers while doing it.

17. I love opening up the Christmas cards that people send and seeing if anyone has sent us money.

18. I love our tradition of buying a new musical teddy to drive Daddy mad.

19. I love going into shops and setting off all the musical toys and then watching the shop assistant try to turn them all off while pretending to smile and laugh.

20. I love helping you wrap other people’s presents and trying to stop Beedog running away with the paper and tape.

21. I love that it is my birthday this month and that you always make sure it is still special. This year it will be the best. You are taking me to see ‘Walking with the Dinosaurs’ in 3D at the cinema.

22. I love that you lose your marbles just before Christmas and race around like you have had your head chopped off and spend all day talking to yourself.

23. It makes me feel really happy when we get a card from our Birth Nanny and Granddad and I can share it with my Adopted Nanny and Granddad and they are happy for me.

24. I love all the super cool traditions we have on Christmas Eve.

25. Do I even have to say it? I love opening all the PRESENTS!So why 25 reasons? Well, that is simple. At the time of asking Buzz the question I was looking at his Advent Train.


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