Monthly Archives: December 2013

Marseille, France: an unexpected encounter with my ancestors

It was a most unlikely excursion and looking back on that curious afternoon, I really don’t know what possessed me. We had been in Marseille for four days already, and were enjoying the warm sunshine of the early Spring. The city wasn’t an obvious choice for city dwellers who like to escape to the country, […]

Christmas past, Christmas future

Most Christmases, throughout the sixties and seventies, we would set off for Paris from our small Sussex village in a green Austin 1100, which in due course was deposed by an ugly blue Austin Maxi. Unfettered by seat belts, my sister and I fought in the back of the car. The Newhaven to Dieppe sailing, […]

Secret Santa: Buzzbee’s 25 reasons to love December

So….. This week I am introducing my very special (and first ever) Guest Blogger, brought to you by the wonderful Secret Santa initiative from The Adoption Social and their fabulous Weekly Adoption Shout Out ….. Honeymummy, believe it or not, has only recently recovered from organising an amazing Adoption party, and is now throwing heart […]

Northumberland, UK: Long distance walking, the St Cuthbert’s way

There is something very stirring, romantic even, about the idea of walking across an unmanned border from one country into another. For me, scenes and tunes from the Sound of Music certainly play their part, but there are other more profound resonances. My mother, not long before she died, wrote about her family’s escape from […]

Never too late?

Or is it? This is my pre-Christmas contribution to Weekly Adoption Shout Out #WASO 47. I’m one of those people who starts their Christmas shopping a week before the day, so you can imagine my state of mind right now. I contributed to #WASO 46 last week on the theme of Rejection. What happened next […]

Juan Munoz: the feeling of loneliness

Juan Munoz’s work, if you don’t know it already, often features slightly smaller than full size sculpted human figures, sited singly and in groups, and made from bronze or resin. I think I first came across his work at Tate Modern in London in 2008, and Many Times (1999) in particular made a huge impression. […]

Hailsham, England: Winter skiing on a budget

I suspect that most of us are both cash-strapped and time-starved at this time of the year. My teenage son J tried out the dry ski slope at Knockhatch in East Sussex last winter and loved it! Just close your eyes and think of Austria… […]

Once a Yorkshireman, always a Yorkshireman

When J came into my life at the age of six and three quarters, and after four years in foster care, he seemed to know very little about himself: who his parents were, where he had lived, or how he had come to be in care. He had siblings he hadn’t met and didn’t know […]