Happy Birthday Doctor Who

I like that Doctor Who traverses the generations; and that each of us, however old we are, has our own Doctor and our own stories. This evening I went to the cinema with my adopted son J and his cousin E and we watched the Day of the Doctor in 3D, which is the Doctor’s 50th anniversary celebration. J almost shares a birthday with the Doctor. He was born 15 years ago tomorrow ….. and in time travel, tomorrow could always be today of course 🙂

I don’t want to be too profound about Doctor Who. All I want to say is that I loved Doctor Who when I was my son’s age, and I hope that if he is lucky enough to have a child, that they will share this too. I like the idea that J’s birth mother and his 3 birth siblings might also have watched the Day of the Doctor this evening, although we will possibly never know. I like that my father and sister and cousins, and their children will also watch it, and that a story can still bring people together. I like too that Doctor Who is a peculiarly British thing.

Happy 15th birthday J for Sunday. You have changed my life.

I am writing this on the theme of Stories for #WASO Weekly Adoption Shout Out
doctor who



  1. Happy birthday J and happy birthday Dr. Who!
    I too like that I watched it as a child and my son now enjoys it (although doesn’t necessarily understand much of it!) too. It’s a connection between our childhoods 🙂

    Thanks for linking your post up to #WASO

  2. Yes, just the word ‘exterminate’ has a whole shared meaning for generations of children… and long may it continue! Thank you for the birthday wishes – J is now recovering after a rather exhausting weekend…

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